Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

attention readersp (S)Pamela says hi!

A little update on the TB/SVM Directory: We’ve been steadily working on getting the Directory up and running and it’s nearing completion. I’ve been truly humbled by the excitement and anticipation for this project and many of you have indicated you’d like to help out in some way so I’m putting those commitments to the test and putting out this notice for the jobs up for grabs. If any of this sounds interesting please leave a comment below or contact me through the facebook PM sytem.

Writers first: we have attempted to contact all of you that we are aware are active on WordPress, for a last few we’re still trying to find a way to reach you. Before posting this an email was sent out to all writers that we have taken to understand had committed to this. To avoid confusion check your spam/junk/trash in case…

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Where did I leave you hanging… Galatea’s Descent Chapter 23!

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

A day later than normal… I blame Valentine’s day, this chapter didn’t really suit that vibe. Since I was spreading the love of this lovely pic on FB yesterday instead, I figure I might as well entertain you all with it here too… So happy delayed Feb 14th….


Right onward and upwards… actually we have to make a little bit of a descent first. Where did I leave you exactly? Oh yes, Russell just walked into the house without an invite toting a juice pack sized Fae child and everyone capable of protecting Sookie was incapacitated in some form… it’ll be interesting, well at least the chapter title informs as much…



Chapter 23 – Pandemonium

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Funny stuff!

Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

Something new has been brewing with me but it’s slightly familiar. Remember Beehl the cat from the Ms/Mr Series and how I joked the only way I would continue that initial one shot was with illustrated children’s books about said cat… well part two to that story came despite my intent not to and well that annoying cat needed some punishment… so he’s here too and I did listen to you all that I shouldn’t subject him to the children, so he’s here in a different form… meet Beehl…


He’s a snarky asshole that you might actually like when he’s not clawing at Eric and Sookie from the MS/MR Series. Pam wasn’t allowed to kill him but she did have fun dressing him up in her doll’s clothes post deballing.
This is the first in a collection of cartoons with observational humour about all things fanfiction, the fandom and completely random things. Incidentally…

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Fang meets Fairy and other encounters

attention wp writers

Attention WP writers, betas (and readers/enthusiasts). After much discussion on the state of our beloved TB/SVM fandom and some hints from readers here or there we feel there could be a better way to direct traffic away from ff. net, which with its creeps on PM, hateful guest reviews and random bigotry has left us all disenchanted and on occasion has stalled the motivation to write. We feel there should be one site that allows an easy overview of what the different WP writers have to offer as a better alternative to the dreaded ff. net and hopefully invigorate our slightly waning fandom. At the moment a lot of writers have a blog roll on their own page that will direct you to the different blogs, initiate spotlights or make recommendations but despite that for most readers transitioning from ff. net to WP it’s a difficult place to navigate and…

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