It’s that time again…

New story!

Kjwrit Fanfiction


Time for Cadet Boo Bear to head back to school. He doesn’t need to be there until next Sunday, but matriculation for the incoming freshman (Rats) was yesterday.


And that got me to thinking about last year when it was his turn to have the shit scared out of him. On the long ass drive from New Jersey to Virginia there were countless signs advertising the Rideshare program, which gave me ideas.

Ideas I’ve been trying to push back for the last year.

But since I know we’ll be making the drive again next weekend, well…

I started yet another story.

I know.

I need help

I do.

But it’s not my fault.

Vitamin MeYES!

And I know the ideas will roll around in my brain the whole way there and back, so I just decided to give in.

It is what it is.

Haders gonna hade

That being said, click the banner below to get started…

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Review for A Beacon in the Dark by katfergie

The Non-Canon Awards

OK I said I don’t do FFN reviews often, and here I am doing another the following week.

But she updated!!! And it is one of my favorite stories that I read on there!

A Beacon in the Dark

 Name of Story: A Beacon in the Dark

Fandom: TB

Author: katfergie


Rating (If Applicable): M

Pairing: Eric/Sookie/Godric

Description (Authors): 

Sookie meets Godric under different circumstances when she is first introduced to the supernatural world. Can they find hope for the future in each other or will Godric be lost to the darkness? Not pro Bill. M for Lemons. G/S/E


I started reading this story as she posted, and then she stopped.  I eagerly reread each chapter during that time, and then she updated.

Unfortunately, she didn’t update again until 7/26/15.  But the fun thing with her?  She doesn’t leave you on cliffhangers, and if the story was never updated again, you are not…

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New Story! Ever The Same!!

New story!!

Dirty Lemons

So here’s the deal. We jumped the gun on posting Lay Low (oops). It wasn’t quite finished. Lay Low is going to go on a small hiatus until we do finish it. We just have to finish the last chapter, which is apparently easier said than done. We go where the muses take us, what can I say?

In the meantime my patience is being tested by my asshole computer. I am doing all this as quickly as possible in case of a crash/system dump, that I’ve had happen the last 5 times I got my computer to boot up.

The story that I’m posting is for some strange reason one of my very favorite stories we’ve written together. It does have angst and I’m sure you’re going to want to slap both of them at some point in time, but hang in there! Please!

Without further ado, I present…

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Just blame Alexa…

New story!!!!

Kjwrit Fanfiction

Because it was seeing this:

Not that kind of hot

When I was hoping to see something more like this:

That kind of hot

That resulted in this:

BotB banner ff

I will not be held accountable for my muse’s actions.
Please direct any and all complaints to Lady Libido Lushbody.

And click the banner if you want to read how my muse decided to merge the first two pictures and the cameo appearance made by Lady Libido Lushbody in the first chapter.

That is all.

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New Story Available!

New story!


Hello Everyone

Please bear with me REAL LIFE has been hell for me these past few months. My youngest son became ill and we took him into the doctor, diagnosis- who the fuck knows, they are not too sure what’s up with him. If he was much older, he has only just now turned 19, they would say he is an alcoholic because that is what he presents with since he has a fatty liver or on the cusp of Cirrhosis of the Liver. Yes they tested his blood for alcohol and drugs, negative, hell he hates drinking soda. So, on a monthly basis we see the doctor(s) at least 2x a week. He now has 6 specialists and his primary care to see. Next week the weekly visits start again. They have most of his aliments under control through medication but they don’t want him on any of it…

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