And this is the end.

Hello, guys I have a message .This is my last post. It’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for a wonderful six years. Eric and Sookie always will be my favorite pair but this time look for something new.

3 Replies to “And this is the end.”

    1. I’m also sad . But it will be better, I never had the talent to write, I love to read. This fandom has so many wonderful authors. Almost 8 years of my life in hotels traveling through the world. My free time is spent reading. For a few months going bad things over 500 stories have been removed some of my favorites.
      A few weeks ago I read Consuming by electricsoul20 (I was in chapter 13 and the story was deleted) yesterday Getting out! Was removed.
      I’m sad and angry. That’s why it’s time to look for a new hobby.


  1. Sorry to read you feel the need to leave. Your updates of what is new have been an invaluable help over the time. May you find something that satisfies you completely. Happy travels 🙂 🙂 🙂

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