Recommendation- One shot part 2

Offers by California Kat

Don’t Get Mad by penpractice


Changing For The Better


Waking Up Dead by OfCakeAndIceCream

Slavery to the blood by Baronessjai

And finally my favorite author – Drumbjo

Five Years Gone


Sometimes It Lasts

This Time of Year

Stop All The Clocks

Berlin Song

My Immortal


Recommendation- One shot part 1

Today my favorite one shots.

Forever and a Day by Connecticut Junkie the Second

Dreams and Realities by Copper’s Mama


Three Nights in Bon Temps

Scratches the Missing Scenes

Dating 101

Over and done by  EricFancier

Promise Me New Orleans by Sleepy Lotus

Perdition by Elle Whitecap



Story recommendation.

Story recommendation something new and something old!

Dead ever After re-write (Sookie and Eric) by gsamoni

and great story but is not complete 😦

Blessing Within a Curse by Team Jane

My Private Eye by   random987123